Friday, 12 October 2012

Waterfront Kuching

Hey guys, i recently went back to my hometown which is located somewhere in the heart of Kuching, Sarawak. Well, i took photos of Kuching's waterfront which is located on the Sarawak River. For those of you who haven't been to Kuching, the Kuching Waterfront is one of Sarawak's heritage. Also known as The People Place, Kuching Waterfront was built for the people of Sarawak and visitors alike.

The view of Sarawak River in the evening

Many changes have taken place since James Brooke's era, however there are still legacies from the White Rajah Sarawak.

For First-timers, it would be easy to visualise the scene back in 1839 when James Brooke first landed in Kuching, and started a new chapter in the annals of Sarawak's history. 

Waterfront view from the side

Waterfront fountain near the sentry post 

The musical fountain at night

The Waterfront has of course undergone several transformations since the 19th century - from a small settlement with a few atop buildings, to a busy port with warehouse and wharves, to the landscaped riverside walk it is today. The Waterfront is now also home to modern sculpture, an open-air theatre and a musical fountain.

Participants battling it out 

Besides that, the Sarawak Waterfront is also host to the Sarawak Regatta which is held yearly. The event is a distinct historical and cultural significant which dates back as early as before 1872.  The regatta itself has been a major tourist attraction for Kuching City, and has participation from all over the world with records showing over 320 teams participating in each year’s race. 

Location: Sarawak River (Kuching Waterfront)
Participants: Worldwide
Events: Boat races including kayaks, Trade fair, Beauty contest, craft exhibitions, Water sport events
Duration: 3 Days (mostly during the day)
When is it held: End of July yearly

One should take the opportunity to visit the Sarawak Regatta as it is the best time to see the Sarawak River in the city turn into a carnival like area with both locals and tourist grouping together to enjoy the festivities. The regatta is also a good time to capture the diverse local population on your camera.

Picture of me by Kuching Waterfront

The riverside walk, stretching approximately 1 km, is bustled with facilities for entertainment, refreshment, relaxation, cultural enjoyment and arts appreciation. No visit to Kuching would be complete without taking a stroll along the waterfront. I personally love talking walks in the evening there, enjoying the cool evening breeze on top of experiencing a Sarawakian sunset. To sum it up, no visit to Kuching would be complete without taking a stroll along the waterfront.


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  6. Hi,
    I'm looking for super heroes action figurine like hot toys & those bandai ones
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    1. hey jimmy, you can check out the toys there. In kuching, places i know that sells toys are at the Hills Shopping Mall. Not to sure about other places though. Hope it helps. :)