Saturday, 30 March 2013

I-City Shah Alam

Just recently, I got the opportunity to visit the City of Digital Lights also known more commonly as I-City. My friends and I didn't have any problems finding I-City as it is brightly lit up and can be seen from the Federal Highway at night. Even before we got there, we were all very excited. Upon reaching I-City, we were greeted by brightly illuminated, forest man-made trees which were covered with millions of colourful and vibrant LED lights.

View of the Ferris Wheel from afar
Designed by world-renowned architect Jon A Jerde, I-City was designed as a fully integrated intelligent city, with the aim of attracting both local and international investors. It is declared as an International Park, being a tourist hot spot with its City of Digital Lights, Snowalk and various theme park rides. 

Man-made forest coming to live at night
Looking around, I guess I know why they call it City of Digital Lights. The trees really do come alive at night with the majestic and colourful lights. We took a stroll along the park, occasionally stopping to snap photos of the beautiful light displays. Giant Christmas trees and reindeer sculptures can also be seen here.

Reindeer and snowman sculptures

Giant christmas tree surrounded by LED lights 

The Giant Ferris wheel standing approximately 100m tall can also be seen here in I-City. We all took turns taking photos next to the Ferris Wheel. 

My friend and I standing next to the Ferris Wheel
A snapshot of all of us 

Other attractions of I-City include the Snowalk. For those who have never seen snow before, I-City is a perfect place to go. Igloos, slides, a mini-bobsled run, snowmen, ice penguins, a bar made of ice and lots of ice sculptures can be found here. We didn't go to the Snowalk though, as there was a huge crowd lining up outside.

Ice penguins in Snowalk

Back outside, we continued strolling, enjoying the view of the park. Food stalls, souvenir shops, funfair, amusement games, Lazer Warzone and even a '6 D Motion Theatre' can be seen along the stretch of I-City.

Mini version of the Christmas tree

My friends posing next to a tree

Before we even know it, time had already past midnight. Tired and exhausted, we all took one last group photo before we left I-City. We all returned back home that night with smiles on our faces and vowed to return back soon.

Snapshot of all of us in I-City


  1. Interesting dude, I wanna go there too in the near future!! Ha..ha..

  2. fantanstic view

  3. O.o i know what u did there! Nice blog bro! Love it got my pic haha :D -jason

    1. haha..thanks bro ! waiting to get more pics with you guys xD !

  4. That's cool, wanna visit the place too!!

    1. they have waterworld..much more interesting...yet to try it out! xD

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      Great, which email can I send it to? shoot me an email ASAP and I'll send it over.