Thursday, 13 June 2013

Turtle Alley, Kuala Terengganu

Its been almost a week now since I've been staying in Terengganu. I was detached to the Terengganu base for a few months to complete my course. While I was here, my friends and I went exploring around town.  Hidden in a narrow lane, somewhere in Chinatown is the Turtle Alley.

The entrance into Chinatown

The Turtle Alley signboard

My friends and I were strolling along Chinatown when one of us suddenly spotted the Turtle Alley. The Turtle Alley is just an ordinary alley which has been beautified and surrounded by artworks made of tiles. Launched in 2011, the main objective of the Turtle Alley was to shine the light on the endangered turtle species which often nest at the beaches of Terengganu. 

The passageway of  Turtle Alley

Mosaic tiles laid out on the walls

The walls of the alley is filled with turtle mosaics and also metallic plates of the 'Little Turtle Messenger'. Now, the Little Turtle Messenger is a children's storybook with a strong message on turtle conservation. The story portrays a story about Maya and the turtles which was written to instill a lasting message on turtle conservation. 

A brief guide on Little Turtle Messenger

Besides that, Terengganu is very well-known here for its conservation efforts and welcomes volunteers to give a helping hand. For those who are interested in the turtle conservation program, you can head over to this link here:-

Metallic paintings neatly arranged along the alley

Each painting here is also encrypted with a turtle design. One is prompted to find the turtles hidden in the picture. My friends and I walked till the end of the alley, laughing and arguing about where the turtles are in the picture. Shown below here are among some of the paintings along the Turtle Alley. 

Story of a little girl swimming with turtles

Can you spot the turtles here ? 

Releasing the turtles back into the sea

We were too busy snapping photos along the Turtle Alley and didn't even realise that we were blocking the way of the passersby. That was how engrossed we were with the creative paintings and designs. It was an unplanned trip here and we were really fortunate to have come across this Turtle Alley. As you can see, lots of artistic works are being displayed and also updated from time to time here. If you do get the chance to stop by Kuala Terengganu, then you should definitely check this place out.

Picture of me by Turtle Alley

Standing next to one of the many paintings


  1. Interesting but where are the turtles hiding??ha..ha..

    1. if you look closely u can see the turtles :)

  2. I cannot find any turtle ..

    1. its hidden in the ladies baju kebaya in the second picture :D

  3. Where do I find this back alley of turtles ..

    1. its in chinatown, kuala teremgganu. Its near to the entrance of chinatown :)

  4. Awesome ... and very creative use of an ordinary alley into a conservation effort for our heritage and wildlife.

    1. yup..its a really good effort to educate people on wildlife conservation